Workflow Designer


Create a complex process without any development skills with the help of a simple to use Drag & Drop Editor.

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The Workflow Designer provide about 80 functions, which help you to extend your VtigerCRM with a powerful method to automate, manage and control your system.

Some features:

  • Set field values: Set any value into any field of a record
  • Condition: create complex conditions with nested logical AND/OR operations to define very specific tasks for records
  • Delay: Wait a configured amount of time. For example wait until 4. day of week
  • send E-Mail: automate sending of emails and control every single field of the email, like sender, SMTP Server, CC, BCC or use mail templates. Additional you can attach any static or dynamic file.
  • custom record sequence: Create a custom reord sequence you can set into field. For example to create multiple invoice number sequences
  • global search: Search for a given condition within complete vtiger



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